standard cars co.

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    Mar 23, 2019
    Standard cars co.

    Hello Standard cars co. Is a car selling company focused on bringing cheaper cars and bikes to the market so more people have access to this mode of transportation. We have fully committed to bring cars to all we take low profits to ensure consumer satisfaction

    standard car co is officially open come check us out at x, 98.135 y, 64 z, -30.390 on the 2nd floor right across from the hospital

    Car/bike pricing Black bike 1400 (current stock 10)
    Black car 1900 (current stock 10)
    White car 1900
    Orange bike 2800
    Red bike 2800
    Purple car 3200
    Yellow car 3200
    Green car 3200
    Green bike 4600
    Magenta car 5000
    Blue car 5000
    (All prices are subject to change)
    Thank you for your time
    —supersuperking owner/ceo