Government Troutman Claim of Inadequacy Hearing

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    These following notes are from Troutmans Claim of Inadequacy Hearing, held in the capitol building on July 22, 2021, Hosted by the DoPA Minister and the DoCR Minister

    Opening Statements from Department of City Relations Minister

    Today’s hearing we have to help decide our nexts steps and I’m grateful mayor Vroomba has agreed to speak to help the decision. I hope we can come to a conclusion that will help the entire server continue to grow, these following messages will consist of the reasoning for the CoI against Vroomba This claim was filed as due to little to no progress on Vroomba's town of troutman. When the quarry's were announced to the mayors, Vroomba did hear and acknowledge that he saw the message containing the due date and all of the information, along with asking questions about what he should do on the day of said announcement. Since then the docr had offered help, materials, and reminders on the due date for the needed quarries, to even asking in the troutman discord because vroomba had left the business craft one. Something trace had also pointed out was that every single other mayor had responded at that time (sprite is also in that chat) on july 14th Trace asked in the troutman discord if they were going to complete bank and quarries but all that was responded with was a simple "no" After then she warned Vroomba that it would jeopardize his official town status, and that the next steps would be discussed with cab When MundoGamer_YT asked Vroomba on his thoughts regarding the troutman proposal, Vroomba admitted to wanting to step down and remove official status.

    Mayor of Troutman Defence Remarks
    First, I'd like to ask trace to point out to me where she offered help with the quarry because I don't remember that part, so if proof could be provided that'd be nice (7/13 mayor announcements docr discord -Tracefais). Secondly, I did express interest and acknowledge to wanting to stop working on the town because nobody was helping. but this was before the quarry and bank's deadlines were due. I expressed interest to stop the town around July 10th and July 14th, while the deadline for said facilities were on the 20th. We never actually missed any deadlines despite the COI being filed. Before I continue, and aside from me expressing no interest in wanting to continue the town, I'd like for the cabinet and parliament to address any other missing progress that could have led to the COI, progress in the town that they thought was not worthy. (This question was answered later). I'd like to point out that I was inactive for ten days because of the Troutman War, we worked very hard on this event which led to 10 days where there was no physical progress on the town. The event was largely publicized and it should me recognized as social progress for the town. We worked very hard on it, and have had two very successful battles with the NPM. Claims that were made that I was inactive for 14 days are not true. I did in fact leave the businesscraft discord, however, I did not leave the docr's discord. There's a lack of evidence that I was gone for 14 days. I only left the BC discord for 10 days. 10 days doesn't meet the requirements to start a COI- I still had plenty of time to change my mind, to which I did. We continued to work on the town, successfully completing the bank and quarry on the 19th of July. We are still continuing to address problems as of today, we are currently still working on the town's decorations, and are hosting new events. I am done speaking, I hope these points will hopefully change the cabinet's and parliament's mind on the current stance of troutman. Thank you.

    Questions from Cabinet and Parliament
    Gabi: it is now time for questions from cab, does anyone in cab want to address his points?

    SlimeEmperor: You clearly expressed disinterest in continuing to lead Troutman. Why did this change after the CoI process began?

    Vroomba: to slime: Without a solid council team by my side, I felt like I had too much of a workload. It caused me to lose interest in the town, but the coi caused the renewed interest of others and it gave me the strength to keep going for the community.

    SlimeEmperor: thank you, thats the only question from me

    Vroomba: could you please answer my question cabinet

    SlimeEmperor: sorry what was it vroomba?

    Vroomba: before I continue, and aside from me expressing no interest in wanting to continue the town, I'd like for the cabinet and parliament to address any other missing progress that could have led to the COI, progress in the town that they thought was not worthy

    Tracefais: one moment, well my forums being broken but yea theres still 3 redtorch buildings were meant to be moved during stinkys term

    Vroomba:correct, I have yet to find space for those buildings in the new expansion

    Tracefais: more progress has been seen evicting troutman plots than actually making plots

    Vroomba: Could this amount of progress be compared to lexford's amount of progress on its new expansion?

    Tracefais: the one that just got accepted?

    Vroomba:The one from before

    Tracefais: i cant check forums rn gdi

    Vroomba: In Troutman's new expansion, the event plot was switched directions and lengthened, a lagoon was created, and the clinic was installed Tracefais: but i'm also not comparing settlements

    Vroomba: along with the new recycling center. We feel it unfair to compared plot progrees to physical progress because there's limited foot traffic in troutman, which would lead to empty plots scattered around town. Our objective with evicting plots would be to lower the prices for new players to be able to buy them

    Tracefais: alright it can be considered, as no decision has been made yet on next steps

    Gabi: any other questions from cab? any questions from parl? If not thank you everyone for coming to Vroomba's hearing for the Claim of Inadequacy started against them. This was the first ever Mayor Inadequacy hearing so if you guys have any feedback, feel free to DM me. From here, Cabinet will decide if the mayor is unfit​