_Info_'s Election Post (August 2019)

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Hello all!
    _Info_ here. I changed my mind and decided to give running another chance. Before I get into it, I would like to wish all the candidates running in this election the best of luck!

    Who am I?
    My username is _Info_ and recently all I've been doing is digging and running my newest company Ultima Supply. I have roughly 15 days of playtime on the server and have extensive experience being a member of Parliament and a staff member in my time on BC. Like everyone else I am just trying to get by and have a great time and with my election I would aim to improve the experience of you, the player.

    Firstly, I would push to find a way to promote business. The first thing I would push for as a MP is incentives for companies to employee more workers. Creating jobs is one of the many ways to get money flowing through the server economy.

    Secondly, The spawn needs to be decentralized if cities and towns are going to become a more integral part of the server. I will do all I can with the power given to me, If I am elected to make sure that happens.
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    The next big thing right here folks