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    - Username:5678cdo
    - Suggestion Title:a few ideas.
    - Elaborate (Why i think it should be added, how will it improve the server.):tbh i just think it would make the server a lot more enjoyable and make it more "city like" it will also give players more to do so they don't become bored and decide to leave.
    - Does this require the installation of a new plugin (Yes/No):yes

    (i found a download for the furniture idea but the latest version i can find is for 1.15.1 so it might not work)

    (and here's one for the fishing idea hopefully it'll work cause i'm excited about the fishing tournaments)

    (unfortunately i couldent find anything for the adoption idea which is upsetting but if i find something ill put it in.)

    - Additional Information:heres my idea's

    1. fishing tournaments and job!!!

    (earn more from fishing with fisherman job
    and add a weight to every fish that's caught then hold fishing tournaments where whatever 3 people catch the biggest fish within a certain time will win kruna's)

    2. ADOPTION!
    (now i know we already have the ability to buy pets but what about NPC children that range from baby child and teen I MEAN WHY NOT! we got almost everything else.)

    3.a bigger government shop
    (this would also be nice for all those harder to get things like ghast tears and blaze rods and maybe a new way to get alcohol recipes in case you cant afford from the voteshop.)

    4.speaking of recipes.
    (you might already be handling this but more food recipes would be nice things like pizza spaghetti taco's and more drinks to.)

    (You get the idea.)

    6.MORE JOBS!
    (I could go on and on about all the wonderful job you could have in your server but i don't wanna make this to long so i'ma name a few)

    fisherman. (like i said before)
    Laborer. (clears out a flatland or large holes for you so you don't have to do it yourself)

    (a few jobs and ideas to go with the adoption idea)

    babysitter.(perfect for busy parents)

    child services! (o.o kinda scared to suggest this one but there are neglectful people out there so if a person is away from there baby for to long it should get taken into custody)

    CRIBS AND BOTTLES AND TOYS!!! ( I think you know why)

    anyways that's all i have right now and i understand maybe none of them will be put in the game but i hope you do at least consider them.

    (and sorry this was so long XD i don't know if anyone suggested any of these before but if they did im sorry)
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    i just realized i did not check to find the proper format before posting this and it will probably be ignored

    (nvm i fixed it but now idk how to delete this reply)
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    These are all REALLY great ideas, but most of them require the assistance of plugins. If you can find the plugins required to make these possible, that might help your case.
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