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    Hey y'all! How are you today? Good? Glad to hear! Not good? I am sorry, you want to talk about it? You can contact me on Discord. I am here today because I would like to run for MP this election! Some information about me is, I am almost 24, will be on the 21st, I have been on the server for 3 years, I have 66 days, 20 hours, and 10 minutes.

    I would vote only for the laws that would help players, not hurt them. I would like to see more rules on pets, not on the limiting sense, but more of common sense laws. As you may know I am an EM, and I really do enjoy my job, but I would like to see animals not being abused, I would like common sense to not have to be added to the law.I would also like to see more laws that would help the players, and small business owners, to help advance up, to a larger business. I would like to see large bushiness also get a chance to stay in business, I want to hear what players think should be added. I want to hear the players voices, and actually help players, and make sure that players know they have someone in parliament that will listen. I would make sure that the players have a voice, I read the messages in the Government Request Channel on the discord, and I will try to make some of the ideas in there bills, maybe try to add some of the things players want to see added! I would like to see more wilderness ideas added, maybe something to help the EM's job get better, I feel like small towns, should also have have a building from at least one big business in it, so we can draw attention to these towns, I am open to suggestions from players! I am also open to listen to requests through my DM's on discord, and I will listen to what you want added on the server!

    I hope to see you on the server! Don't forget that as voting time gets closer, you can help make your voice heard by voting!

    You're Friend (hopefully soon)
    Abi <3
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