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  1. Jeeeeef

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    - Reasoning: Advertising your business is a privilege, as such, if you repeatedly break the laws regarding spamming/abusing advertisements this privilege should be taken away. The number of messages between advertisements in discord will be changed to 5 messages as there's no reason to see the same advertisement twice so close to each other.
    - Bill: The DoE will manage the prevention of ad spam under the following parameters:
    1. Discord: At least 5 new ads must appear before another ad for the same business can be posted.
    2. /ad (in-game): At least 15 minutes must pass between posting another ad for the same business.

    Punishments are enforced by the DoE are as follows:
    1st Offense: Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense: K50 fine
    3rd Offense: K100 fine
    4th Offense: K300 fine + inability to send in-game and discord ads for 7 days

    Additional Info: Current act:
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    Vote: Aye
    Why you missed: real life circumstances paired with having missed seeing it until today.