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  1. Topte

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    Title: Animal Rights Edit
    Type: Edit
    Description: Due to new animals being added in the 1.17 update goats and axolotls will now be protected under the animal rights law.
    Bill: The following blocks are required for each mob
    8 blocks per polar bears, and panda bears
    3x3x3 blocks water per axolotl
    3x4 blocks, 3 deep of water per dolphin
    2x2 land in addition to 2x2x2 water per turtle
    4 blocks per cows, mooshrooms, sheep, pigs, foxes, horses/donkeys, llamas, Wolves, Goats
    2 blocks per chickens, rabbits, cats/ocelots
    2 blocks horizontally and 3 blocks vertically per bee (also must have at least one flower per bee)
    Regulator: DoA
    1st offense: euthanasia of excess animals + k5 fine per excess animal
    2nd offense: euthanasia of excess animals + k10 fine per excess animal + 5 minutes jail time.
    50 Krunas fine per animal left unsupervised in cities
    Tameable mobs may be taken by the DoA rather than euthanized.
    Additional Information: Credit to DoA minister Kawaibab
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