Bill: Accepted Auctioning of Inactive Player Buildings in Capital City

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  1. wdeerman

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    Oct 23, 2018
    - Title: Auctioning of Inactive Player Buildings in Capital City

    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation

    - Elaboration & Reasoning: If a player is inactive for more than 2 months without notice than their building along with the plot it is on will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with the proceeds from the auction going into the previous owner's account. The building may only be auctioned if it was constructed and/or designed by the DoC; if it is deemed aesthetically pleasing by the DoC; or if it has been present in Capital City for more than 9 months. If the building in question does not fit one of these criteria than it will instead be vaulted. Also, if a player is aware that they will be gone from the server for more than the cutoff but expect to return, they can make a post on the forums stating the date they expect to return, and their property will be held until then. If they do not return by that date than their building and land will be dealt with accordingly .

    - Other Information: The idea of this bill is to keep the skyline of Capital City filled with awesome buildings and to support the real estate industry. Its also not very realistic to just make buildings disappear. This bill is not to be confused with the "Auctioning of Inactive Player Vaulted Building" bill which called for the auctioning of the vaulted buildings of inactive players. All buildings of inactive players will have a copy vaulted even if the original is auctioned in the case that the auctioned building is demolished and the inactive player returns and would like to have their building back.
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