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    (before i start all the people without like paragraphs after ur name, i got lazy and didnt want to do the rest lmao, but thank you so much).

    Sup kiddos, this might be a little bit of a shock to you all, but yes i am leaving. I'm going to try to make this quick, but I have a lot of people to thank. First off, i'd like to say this server is amazing and i've made so many good memories on it. I can't thank all the people i've interacted with enough for this amazing experience. It's definitely the best server i've ever been a part of. I’ve met a lot of my closest friends here and have had so much fun. The community on here is the best part. There are times when it is rocky, but I love it when the community comes back together and just enjoys the playfulness of the game.

    Now youre all probably wondering why im leaving. Well to be honest, ive used this server as an “escape” from all the crazy stuff in the world and in my personal life, but at this point, its not solving that problem. I want you all to remember that people come on here to escape reality and drama. Ive always tried to make this server fun for people, whether that be with BCMMA or making dumb company names like UwU.Co. I want people to be able to come on everyday and have fun because thats what this game is all about.

    Time to flex some of my stuffs ive done (prob gonna meme this part). Its crazy to think about how much ive done on a block game in less than a year lmao. I created one of the top companies ever. Periodt. One with a meme name in UwU.Co (BC Choice Best Company of 2019 Award Winner). I have a “net worth” of over 1 million krunas and tried to give it away in BCMMA. I was part of parliament for over 4 terms and 10 months and speaker for half of that time. I made it to admin and abus- i mean got to help out the server on a whole new level. I made an actual sports league with the help of Travvy, Windows, Tree, and many others. A league that would help shatter the amount of people online at once record.

    The amount of friends ive made on here is the thing i want to flex the most. This server has brought some amazing people and some of my bestestest friends into my life. I want to thank you all so much. Even if you said one word to me, thank you.

    There are a few people I would like to address. (These arent in any order)

    Real: Youre my best friend bro, thank you for always being there. You’re amazing and thank you for helping me with all my crazy ideas. Thank you for helping me with UwU.Co when i basically had no idea what to do lmao. We def still gonna talk after this lmao. I can't speak for you real, but you seem cooked, maybe its best that you go out on top with me.

    Riley: ilysm gf (yeah thats right simps, back off, mine) thank you for being with me always and being the best bunny ever, u get all my stuff so have fun.

    Windows: YO WHATS UP DAWG LMAOOO SEE WHAT I DID THERE. Thank you for always being there bro. Ill never forget when we first met and u asked me if u can record BCMMA lol. Youre amazing bro and we def gonna keep in touch. Honestly, I know theres an admin spot open now…. Id say youre the best fit for that position.

    Travvvy: BRO, one of my closest friends on the server. Thank you approaching me with the BCMMA idea. Ive prob had the most fun doing that on here. Thanks for always being there man, feel free to hmu anytime.

    Lux: ty for being amazing dude, def the best pm ive ever seen and most dedicated member on here. Ty for always poking fun at me and being a lit bro.

    Kat: MOTHERRRRRR HIIIII, ty for being a great person and a great mom, tysm.

    Hybrid: HYBRIDDD. ty for always being a mentor for me in staff and a great person too.

    Bh: yoooo admin bro, ty for being here and being a great voice on the server.

    Koal: yo koal thank you so much for every oppurtunity you have giving me on the server. Its been really fun and an amazing experience.


    Tree: tree thank you for being an amazing dude. Also one of the funniest people ive ever met. Thanks for helping me come up with the BCMMA league system and all that.

    Jocie: daddy jocieeee, ty for being a great person and fun person to hang out with, gonna miss u tons.

    Johnny: Yo johnny, youre a great guy and we had a lot of fun together, you made me laugh a lot and i hope we can get in touch soon.

    Karuchi (or senpai): YOOOOOOOOO, ik we havent talked in a while but we used to have a lot of fun back in my TG days. Ty for everything

    Fhlown: fhlownnnn. We had a lot of laughs together and a lot of fun times together. ty for being a great person and for having fun with me.

    Ovem: Ovem ty for always making me laugh. I hope we can stay in touch and play some bedwars soemtime. ily.

    Georgia: owo hi georgia, we kinda fell off towards the end, but ill always remember being the man of honor at ur wedding. im gonna miss you.

    Spill: Spill, youre a great dude and i hope you the best, it was great being at the wedding lmao.

    Black: Black my grandson. Youre a great dude and have a great drive for everything you do. You make ur grandfather proud. Keep doing what youre doing.

    Reaper: yooo reaper. Youre amazing dude, we had a lot of fun together and I hope the best for you. Im gonna miss you.

    Matty: Hey boss. Thank you for giving me my first real job. M:Corp is always #1 in my heart. Thank you for all the advice and convos we had, im gonna miss you.

    Gar: gar, ty for being one of the nicest person ive ever met. you are truly an amazing human and fun to hang out with. im gonna miss you and your dad.

    Airport: AIRPORT. im gonna miss you a lot u upside down person. Im gonna miss ur emu speak and our bathtimes.

    Codes: Yoooo Codes. ty for being a great business partner and friend, gonna miss you a lot, take care of CMM for me.

    Info: Infooo, ty being being a great business partner too lmao, thank care of CMM. Also youre a really good DoE minister, the work youve done is amazing.

    Zulf: YOOOOO ONE OF THE FUNNIEST BROS ON THE SERVER. We go way back to the #TourGuideSquad days. Zulf its always fun being around you, lets keep in touch.

    Nap: yo nap, its always been fun with you, sorry i didnt get to furnish that apartment in cov. Ty for everything.

    Slime: Slime ur a good dude and im gonna miss you. Make sure the DoA makes a special hill for me plz.

    Super: superrrr, ty for always being a good dude and for being really cool. idk what tresurererer is, but have fun in that position.

    Sprite: Sprite my dude, you are always fun to be around too, ty for bringing me good laughs. If troutman war part 2 comes around, lmk, ill come back for that.

    Dwerpy: Dwerpy, youre a good dude, youre funny and wild at times but at the end of the day i know you care a lot about your friends. feel free to hmu anytime.

    Derp: Derp, when i first joined the server u were the first person to give me a job, Then i quit for like 5 months. But even when i came back you helped me a lot. ty for being there and being a great friend.

    Lib: Hey ex mother. Youre trashless. But fr you were hella cool and I hope we can get in touch soon.

    Xlayzur: Sup hacker, youre a great dude and ty for being there. Im gonna miss you.

    Doctor: I know we didnt really meet eye to eye and we had our ups and downs but im not gonna lie doc you were one of the hardest working people on the server and I respect that a lot. Im prob gonna get in trouble for adding this but i know you cared a lot for everyone and the server and I wanna say thank you for all you did.

    William: Not many of you know the legend of the William_CTO. But William and Dani were my first friends on bc.This man is long gone, but never forgotten. This man is the GOAT. When I first was really getting into this server William was one of the first person I met. Hes the person that got me invested into this server. He helped me every step of the way. From helping me be a tour guide, to suggesting me to be in parliament, to helping me with my mod app. This dude cared so much about everyone and the server. Gonna miss you brother, dont know when youll see this but hope we can get in touch soon.

    Dani: Dani youre amazing. One of the bestest persons ever with hella funny humor and great music taste. You were one of my closest and first friends on here and thank you for always being there. We gotta stay in touch and I want to have a sleepover rn. Love you and ima miss you.

    All my stuffs goes to the bunny (Riley).

    Gonna miss you all, sorry if I didnt mention you and if i remember ill thank you later. I dont know if this is goodbye forever or just for now. Feel free to hmu on discord if yall need anything. Ian#9664. But as of now, bbnoianhead1 is out lmao. #MerkSquad #TourGuideGang #ModSquad #bbGang #CarrotCoMoreLikeCarrotNo #UwU.Co #BCMMA #bbgobrr
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    Jun 12, 2019
    btw this is just a break for now, but thanks for everything owo, ill be back ;}
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    NUUUUU IANNN, I'll miss the best raccoon in the entire world
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    Nooooooooo Ian :(
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    we gonna miss you :( come back soon
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    May 22, 2020
    Where am I? I'm your best friend.
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    Nov 25, 2017
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    we are gonna miss you, come back soon racoon
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    f a t h e r i w i l l w a i t f o r y o u
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    i am so fking depress why tf people keep do this WE'LL MISS U IAN DAD D: <3
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    Nov 24, 2019
    Its Sad To See you go! But have fun On your new adventure and experience to come best of wishes from me!
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    Wow, I'm speechless...
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    "Super:" I felt this heart-warming goodbye message tbh. uh its not really goodbye cuz like other chats but um its been a dope run on bc have a good life big man.
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    Iannnnnnnn noooooooo
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    im gonna miss being ur duck, u better keep in touch mother <3
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    "jocie: "
    Man, Ian.... Right back at you.

    Nah but you were pretty chill and fun to be around. We all know nobody leaves BC for good so, until next time.
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    Hey Ian, I left the server and have been planing on re joining for a while, Im going to miss you soo much OwO Had fun working for BCMMA! <3
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    April 1st was like 4 months ago my guy youre a bit late
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    Jk, Its sad to see you leave but I wish you well and see you when you come back from your break.
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    Can I dislike posts