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    DoPA is excited to announce that we will be hosting an Obstacle Course that will be happening on Saturday, July 17th in Palm Bay at 6 pm EST!


    How does it work?
    Everyone will start at the bottom of the tower and will have to go through each floor of obstacles and traps before reaching the top. The first 3 players to finish the course will get amazing prizes! No signups are necessary, just be there!

    - elytras and armor will have to be put away
    - no potions or drugs
    - no pvp
    - no speed sticks or donor items

    I hope to see you there! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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  2. Mickichu

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    Ooooohhh sounds fun Kiko!! :O I'll definitely try to be there. Goodluck!
  3. MegaMinerM

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    Sound cool! Can’t wait :D