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    Mar 4, 2018
    What is Blue Listings?

    Blue Listings is basically a website that allows those who are looking to buy a property to view properties for sale and then buy the perfect thing for them. For those looking to sell a property, rent out a property (this includes apartments), etc., can DM bharatj with pictures, a description, and price. The property will then be added to the website for buyers to view and buy. However, if a property is sold because of the website, we do ask for a 5% commission. Now, this may seem like a lot for some people but this is not only cheaper than most agencies in real life, but also quite a small part of the money you make.

    For example, if a seller wanted to sell a property for k4000, and it was sold because of our website, the seller would receive k3800, while the company would get k200 in commission.

    When Will This New Website be launched?

    We plan to open the website on July 8, 2019. The link will be posted on this thread when it opens.

    I ask that people looking for properties please do take advantage of this new resource to find the perfect property for you and your needs.

    More details will be released soon!​