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    BusinessCraft Version 7 Update
    Greetings everyone!
    After much work, we are finally releasing the long awaited BusinessCraft version 7. Before I begin listing the changes, I would like to thank the Government Cabinet (Chris, Katt, Luxaholic, Parker, PinkSpiral, and sparkleA) for the time and effort they have put in making this update possible. I would also like to thank the Parliament for some of the issues they have raised that have gotten my attention. And finally, you, the players and community, who have been very radiant when it comes to suggestions and just some feedback on the server.

    So what changes come with the BusinessCraft v7 update?

    We are finally releasing airports that will make city-city transportation even quicker. Once you enter the airport, just find a monitor and right click it. A GUI will open and you will then be able to choose your desired destination. To go to the Capital City airport, go out of spawn and turn left, walk straight forward until you see the big mall build. (Credits to the Department of Construction for building the mall; specifically FlappyChickens for most of the exterior and Luxaholic for the interior)

    We have made some changes to the Jobs:
    • Added new jobs:
      • Taxi Driver: Notified when players do /taxi. Drives players to their desired locations. Players will have to pass the Driver exam before becoming a Taxi Driver.
      • Hunter: Hunts down hostile mobs in the wilderness. Earns 20% more money for killing mobs.
    • Removed jobs: Card Collector, Employee, Bodyguard
    • Merged jobs: Author and Journalist are now Writer, Interior Designer and Exterior Designer are now Designer
    • Designers and Farmers now have access to special shops under the Government Shop.
    Vote Shop.
    We have added more brewing books to the Vote Shop and some other items too.

    Mall-related changes.
    • Mall shop prices have been decreased by 35% and no shop in the mall may cost more than 500 Krunas.
    • Two new government shops have been added below the current Government shop. These shops are only for either Farmers or Designers.
    • Government shop prices have been adjusted to encourage players to create their own shops/businesses even more.
    Other changes.
    • Added the command /taxi with more information as to how to get a Taxi. The command also mentions also a new command - /taximessage <message>, which you can use to gain the attention of online Taxi Drivers.
    • Vehicle prices have been decreased. We will not be offering any refunds for already purchased vehicles under the old prices.
    • Some performance tweaking/bug changes.

    We have just scratched the surface.
    We will be working on further changes to the server that we will be releasing over time as we finalize them.
    What do we have planned for the future?

    • The prices of vehicles have been decreased because of a specific reason. We are working on adding a fuel system and gas stations to the server and vehicles.
    • We will be working on adding more vehicles to the server.
    • We are working on a new website design which should be released soon.
    • We are working on adding a Banking system to the server which will allow players to obtain loans from other players, with interest.
    • Other changes will follow with the implementation of this, such as a Banker job, etc.
    Other changes.
    • We are making changes in the Department of Public Affairs, whose members will be responsible for managing future BusinessCraft social media.
    • Implementing Parliament-passed changes.
    • Giving more responsibilities to players with aqua jobs, such as Hospital Secretaries.
    • Just general performance tweaking and changes that make your experience even better!
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    Dec 31, 2017
    This sounds great, good work staff. Keep doing great updates like this as it helps the server!
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    Jun 6, 2018
    the banking system is interesting i would make sure that is kept under control though as people could take out loans on there alts pay the cash to there main and never pay the loan back so applying for a loan should be made harder and there should be collateral to make sure the person can pay back the loan :)
  4. Matt

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    Oct 21, 2017
    Yes, I agree with that as well.