Cabinet Meeting - 03/03/19

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Cabinet had instead of definite plans for the future.

    Department Updates

    Department of Agriculture

    i. Animal shelter
    - Lux will be constructing a new one located where the post office is

    Department of Commerce and Education
    i. Taxi Job will be removed as a job and made into a qualification
    ii. Making use of the empty university buildings
    - Used for job information
    - Advertisement billboard inside
    iii. Tutorial
    - Education department is making a floor by floor plan that will completely overhaul the tutorial

    Department of Construction
    i. Trains and Buses: Bus stops are arranged, but not built. Subways will be a transfer station to trains that will travel between cities.
    ii. Introduced city-owned farms
    - Price is k1.25/block
    iii. More plots will be regioned soon
    iv. Suburbs will be completely redone
    - No new houses, just plots for now
    - Couple of new bridges
    - Mansions built

    Department of Health
    i. Hospital is almost completely constructed
    - Needs a small cafe/cafeteria area on the second floor

    Department of Public Affairs
    i. Events
    - St. Patrick’s Day event
    ii. YouTube Channel
    - Server video will be first posted
    - DoPA will post videos, but other departments can send in videos to be posted


    City meetings
    i. Will be at the end of the month
    ii. Give mayors time to fix up their city

    Rules suggestions
    i. Raise refund price to 95%
    ii. Increase the required time to begin work from 14 days to ?? (not mentioned)
    - Was also disagreed with as being enough time given to do something counted as progress


    Government Shop
    i. Brought up by Kat
    - Economy should be more realistic
    - Make it more difficult to get money and provide more things for the players to spent Krunas on
    - Something wrong with players being able to make thousands of Krunas on their first day. Reason behind the emerald shop price reduction.

    Other Suggestions

    DoC Proposal
    (suggested by katt_tail)
    i. Contractor job
    - Work mainly for the DoC
    - Gathers materials to Constructors
    - Manages a DoC shop (Suppliers sell to the shop)
    - Builds for other players. (Material provided by the players and build is not creative)
    - Clears land for roads and buildings for Constructors

    Other Jobs
    i. Chef and Jail warden (suggested by Libnah)

    Job Specialization
    i. Find new plugins similar to brewing or doctors (suggested by Lux)
    ii. Could improve the economy (suggested by bh)

    Planes and Helicopters
    i. Expensive
    ii. Slow release
    - Limited amount and/or restrictions on owners

    Notes taken by SweetGamer23 and edited by the Department of Public Affairs.
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    I’d suggest Lawyer and Real Estate Agent and any updates on Air Craft?
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    I think that if future spawn plots increase in cost, like a lot. Real estate agents could be really useful. what if a certain dept were allowed to create regions, would this lift strain on some staff. and i am mainly talking about apartments.
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