Cabinet Meeting - 06/02/19

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Cabinet had instead of definite plans for the future.
    Notes taken by sparkleA.

    Department Collaborations

    Department of Agriculture
    i. Assist on collaboration with the DoPA's nature rehabilitation event.
    Department of Construction
    i. Construct a horse race track for a DoPA event.
    ii. Build a prison for the DoJ.
    Department of Commerce and Education
    i. Help with pricing for a DoA thrift store. The thrift store will be a government shop that sells materials EMs destroy in the wild for cheap prices.
    Department of Health
    i. Work on the doctor's exam and guides with the DoCE.
    Department of Justice
    i. Aid the DoPA on a survey analyzing crime rates in the city. The survey will seek to find the effect, if any, of police officers being present in lowering crime.
    Department of Public Affairs
    i. Collaborate with the DoA on a zoo grand opening event once the zoo is complete. People will be able to explore the zoo and treat themselves to refreshments from a caterer during the grand opening.
    ii. Work with the DoCE on a survey about the government shop price changes.

    Towns and Cities

    Number of towns
    i. Current amount is good. Intend to close applications for new towns after deciding on the current pending applications.


    Government Shop
    i. No changes until the effects of the recent change have been evaluated. At least 2-3 weeks.
    ii. Ore prices still too high. Must be lowered in the future.

    Incentive Program
    i. Organize all businesses into classes (A, B, and C) based on number of employees, forums thread, and location of headquarters.
    ii. Class A and B businesses will receive perks, with more advantages for Class A.
    iii. Potential for introduction of business summits (Department of Commerce and Education) for Class A and B businesses.

    More ways to spend money
    i. Greater selection of decoration heads for interior design.
    ii. More vehicles released to the public.
    iii. Additional yachts.
    iv. Clothes plugin?
    v. Raffle, lottery, casino
    a. Raffle - players buy tickets for a chance to win items (potentially from an epic or mega crate).
    b. Lottery - plugin where players can enter a lottery for money and a random winner will be chosen.
    c. Casino - plugin to make player-made casinos easier, more fun, and more effective.

    Other Suggestions

    Decentralizing the Capital

    i. Remove all warps in Capital City.
    ii. Relocate spawn outside of the Capital and make it a bus stop with all the options to travel to.
    iii. Department of Commerce and Education will motivate businesses to expand into other cities.
    iv. Cities can purchase billboards to advertise themselves for half price.

    Public Minister reports
    i. Certain parts of the report could be released to the public via transparency publications.
    ii. Only release things the department has accomplished and possibly things that are currently being worked on, but not just ideas.
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