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Cabinet Meeting - 10/12/2019

Discussion in 'Government Transparency Publications' started by Taelor, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. Taelor

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    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Cabinet had instead of definite plans for the future.

    Notes taken by all ministers in a collaborative document and edited by Taelor.

    Responses from: Danielw_, DoctorThunder7, Puppy_Lover153, Katt_Tail, sparkleA, Taelor, bharatj, Koalition

    Items Discussed:
    • Discussed candidates for judge and cabinet advisors
    • Decided on increasing banknote limit from 300kr to 500kr

    • Opinions on removing crops from the Government shop
      • Most were for DoctorThunder7’s idea below.

      • Some new players rely on the government shop crops to get started
    • Discussed DoctorThunder7’s idea for restricting only farmers to making chest shops for crops.
      • Most like the idea because it will enforce the law that only farmers can sell crops.

      • Would make things a lot simpler

    • Thoughts on Luxaholic’s ideas for casino plugins, smoking pipes, security cameras, and sickle (farmer plugin).
      • Casino Plugin: After testing this plugin, it won’t be added due to the ability for them to be abused and you could only play with a “bot”, not an actual player.

      • Smoking Pipes: Seems like a good opportunity for more business. Will be added.

      • Security Cameras: Won’t be added. Seemed unnecessary and was glitchy.

      • Sickle: Allows players to harvest by right clicking and autoreplants.
        • All like the idea and it will be added.

    Items brought forward through our survey:
    • Adding guns to server
      • Most Ministers were against the feature
    • Public aircraft
      • Most Ministers were against the feature
    • Government employee raise (+k7.5)
      • Most Ministers believed this was too big of an increase, but decided to go for a 2-3 Krunas wage increase
    • Reducing wilderness regioning prices from k7 to k5
      • Most Ministers were against
    • Government bank + Department of finance
      • Slightly split. Some felt it would work well with the DoBD but needs more detail.
      • Others felt government shouldn't be involved in player banking and didn't think it was necessary.
    • Implementing an ambulance warp instead of having players die to get to the hospital
      • All agreed it was unnecessary
    • Fire department
      • All agreed it was unnecessary
    • Reintroducing the racetrack to the capital to showcase the new vehicle plugin
      • Cabinet agrees that this would be fun.

    Department notes:

    • Business fair idea: promote small businesses with the DoBD

    • Open to ideas


    • Looking for new ideas for plugins related to the DoH.

    • Just got new warps and zoo implemented

    • Splitting roles between ranger and environmental managers
      • Rangers would focus more on animals while EMs would focus on fixing the wilderness.
    • Started working on a new operational HQ

    • Introduced sergeant role

    • Doc is working on the prison
    • Idea for government bid contract
      • Offer contract that companies can bid on to get the contract

      • Either pick the lowest bidder or the one that gives better quality work

      • Once contract is completed the company will get paid the agreed-upon price
    • Big Barn carnival and farmers market.
      • DoPA could plan event

      • DoE find vendors
    • Turned library into book store

    • See if there’s a plugin or way to allow us to see how many tours each guide has successfully led.

    What we need to implement that we have already approved:
    • New Wild Warps - Completed

    • New jobs: chef, fishermen, rancher, taxi driver/uber, lumberjack
      • Need guides, plugins, exams, and roles
    • New Spawn
      • Need hub created, transportation connected, government shops moved, tutorial moved, and donator room moved