Government Cabinet Meeting (26 Mar, 2017) - Decisions made

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    Mar 23, 2017
    Hello everyone!
    The Government (Prime Minister Green, Health Minister MariChally, Construction Minister Luxaholic & Employment Minister enderhusky414) had a meeting today.
    Among other, mostly confidential, things discussed, these are the things that have been changed and are ready to be released to the public:

    • New Minister
    • Changes to the punishment system
    New Minister
    For more than a month, the Department of Public Affairs had no Minister. Under the recommendation of the Ministers, I have made the decision to appoint Yaeren as the Public Affairs Minister. Congratulations!

    Changes to the punishment system
    There are 2 changes to the punishment system, therefore this section will be divided into 2:
    • New punishment for X-raying
    • New warning system
    New punishments for X-raying
    After several complaints from the public regarding the punishment for the first offence of X-raying being too low, the Government has re-evaluated it and made it a bit stricter.
    The previous punishment was: 1 hour jail + removal of all ores + fine for all ores sold.
    The new punishment now is: 2 Day ban + removal of all ores + fine for all ores sold + 200 Krunas fine.

    New warning system
    Once again, after some complaints about the punishments not being as strict, the Government has decided to act.
    We are introducing a Warning system.
    Every time a player gets warned, it adds 1 point to their warning points.
    After a player has a certain amount of warning points, they will be automatically banned for a certain amount of time by Console.
    10 warnings = 1 week ban
    20 warnings = 2 week ban
    30 warnings = 3 week ban
    40 warnings = 4 week ban
    50 warnings = permanent ban

    After a section in the law where the punishments for every crime are noted, there will be (X Warnings) alerting players how many warnings they will get for breaking a law in that section.
    To help you understand, here is a scenario:
    Player A X-rays (first offence) and in addition to the 2 day ban, 200 Krunas fee and removal of all ores/fine for all ores sold, they will get 4 warnings.
    Same goes for the chat section, which comes with 1 warning. If a player cusses, they will be warned automatically for some straight up curse words.
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    Mar 23, 2017
    Looks great, finally the warning system actually matters.
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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Mar 25, 2017
    Sounds great!