Cabinet Meeting | Nov 30, 2019

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    Aug 9, 2019
    Please note: Parts of the information presented in this publication may not actually occur. Some are just discussions the Cabinet had instead of definite plans for the future.

    Notes taken by all ministers in a collaborative document and edited by Taelor.

    Responses from: Koalition, DoctorThunder7, Puppy_Lover153, Katt_Tail, Taelor, bharatj, Luxaholic, Kairuchii

    Items Discussed:
    • Moving Warp 4: It's constantly being trashed and it's too much work to try to keep it nice.
      • Approved 8:0
    • Removing crops and ores from the government shop.
      • Rejected 2:5
    • Mayor role on discord and meetings with the mayors
      • Approved 8:0

    Department notes:

    • Reviewed to-do list.

    • Discussed the implementation of vaccines.
      • Rejected proposal 2:5
      • Need more information and a more thorough plan on implementing and making sure the plugin works.
    • Discussed restructuring the DoA
      • Creating a landscaper position
      • Focusing more around warps
      • Approved proposal 8:0
    • Increasing new business grant from 5,000kr to 7,500kr.
      • Approved proposal 8:0
    • Land grants for companies: encourage Companies to move out of Capital. Offering companies a percentage back on Plots they purchase for their HQ in any city beside Capital City
      • Approved proposal 8:0
    • City/Town Expansion Grants: Allowing towns and cities to receive financial assistance from the Government to assist with expansions.
      • Town max: 5,000kr | City max: 30,000kr
      • Approved proposal: 8:0
    • Government Bid Contract: This would let the Government make contracts that would require outside help.
      • Approved proposal: 8:0
    • No Response
    • No Response
    • No Response

    What we need to implement that we have already approved:
    • Move Warp 4
    • Implement new jobs
    • New Hub/Bus stop
    • Restructuring DoA
    • New grant stuff from DoBD
    • Government bid contracts
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