Government Cabinet Reports (April 2021)

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    Department of Agriculture

    • Progress of the Department
      • What the department did within the last month
        • 68 Animals Adoptions
        • 47 Wild Reports Submitted
        • Began Process of revamping /warp 4
        • 32 Ranger Reports Submitted
        • Hired Carnage as an Environment Manager
        • Hired Reecooon and Mickichu as Rangers
        • Successfully moved DoA Shop and altered prices to suit current market
        • Began work on updating the National Forest again.
      • Set out plans for the next month
        • Install notification signs at all shelters.
        • Further discuss shelters in OC and Cov.
        • Finish /warp 4 revamp.
        • Finish updating national forest.
    Department of City Relations
    No report submitted.

    Department of Construction
    • Progress of the Department
    - New capitol building
    - Revamped grocery store interior
    - More yacht deeds pasted
    - Palm Bay Police Station
    - New capital city jail
    - Hired PinkPanda as DoC Intern
    - Progress on highway near covington

    • Goals for next month
    - PO stations in every city (OC, Covington are left)
    - Completion of covington's highways
    - Repurpose of gov mall plot
    - Auctioning two gov plots near gov mall

    Department of Economy
    No report submitted.

    Department of Health
    • Progress of the Department
      • What the department did within the last month
        • 926 patients attended
        • 2 patients vaccinated
        • With new laws being introduced to slow down sign abuse, the problem seems to have died down a bit.
        • Updated Disease Guide
        • DoH Terms of Employment introduced to cut down on problematic employees
        • Brought back chance for soothing potions to cure
        • Introduced vaccine benefits for farmers
      • Set out plans for the next month
        • Quarantine system will not be introduced for now.
        • Hoping to finally finish Troutman clinic in May, provided enough progress is made to the town.
        • Will be actively taking suggestions from citizens and DoH employees alike.
    Department of Justice
    Progress of the Department
    - New Jail pasted
    - Addition of some new department features
    - over 50 arrests this month
    - DoJ discord made public
    - New hires

    Future Plans
    - build jails in other cities
    - revamp department protocols
    - Auction more old impounded vehicles

    Department of Public Affairs
    Progress of the Department:

    • opened tour guide exam (keeping it open to encourage more players to become a tg)
    • census for April - added job questions to the census
    • 118 tours completed (not including last week of April)
    • established DoPA shop
    • added pocket guide
    • established vent disruption penalties
    Goals for next month:
    • museum store
    • more discord events
    • different versions of tours (short and normal)