Government Cabinet Reports (March 2021)

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    Department of Agriculture

    • 68 Shelter Adoptions
    • Formalised Shelter Ban Appeal System
    • 73 Wild Reports Submitted
    • New Capital Shelter (Made by DoC)
    • 23 Ranger Reports Submitted
    • Hired PinkPanda_ and Danycati
    • Updated DoA Tools (Credit to Fern & Hybrid)
    • Hire 2 new rangers
    • Install notification signs at all shelters.
    • Further discuss shelters in OC and Cov.
    • Move DoA Shop
    Department of City Relations

    • Hired Jeff
    • Town Clinics with the DoH
    • Town Spawns
    • Westridge deconstruction
    • Did our first city challenge
    • Made 2 annoucements of behalf of towns
    • Keep Improving Town Opportunities
    • Encourage phase 1 completion for OC and Cov
    • Encourage Hub Displays to be finished
    • Hub Reform
    • Getting spaces for the DoJ stations
    • Finish Westridge Deconstruction
    • Continue with City Challenges every month
    Department of Construction
    • New interchange near the horse race track (by Orangie)
    • Hired Shecky as a DoC intern
    • Revamped bus depot interior (Shecky)
    • Many yacht deeds pasted
    • PI team purge + replacement
    • DoCR Building Interior
    • New Capital animal shelter building
    • Revamped capital jail, rebuilt capitol building, revamped grocery store, construction on the two plots behind gov mall
    Department of Economy
    • Pushed to get new recipes brought into game
    • Engineer job introduced from Mechanic/Manufacturer merge
    • Chef job returned (thanks to Windows)
    • Created Capital City API, will review and publish soon.
    • Working with DoC to figure out best course of action for government owned Mall and Grocery store in capital. Much to go on that one, but I know with Fib behind the wheel of the department that no matter the outcome it will be great.

    Department of Health


    • 1,446 patients attended (Subject to updating)
    • 4 patients vaccinated (Subject to updating)
    • 4 troublesome patients penalized
    • Cracking down on sign abuse
    • Emergency Stockpile established
    • Progress made to clinics
    • Lexford Clinic fully operational
    • Orico Clinic fully operational
    • Milk and Boiling milk now sold in the hospital
    • Work with DoCR and Troutman Council on Troutman Clinic
    • Work with parliament to crack down further on sign abuse
    • Possible quarantine system (still up in the air).
    • Another confidential change that will be revealed at a later date
    • New Disease Guide
    Department of Justice

    • Construction started on the new capital city jail
    • re-purposing of the old DoJ building
    • New hire Kawaibab
    • Work with DoC on police stations outside capital city
    • Warp system for long-distance arrests
    • Update the Police guidelines
    • continue bringing in new hires
    Department of Public Affairs
    • events in February: BC Hunger Games, Magik Cart, Easter Egg Hunt (the last two have been planned and will be executed in the near future)
    • opened tour guide exam
    • census for March
    • reddit poll
    • election debate
    • speaker debate (planned but never executed)
    • 109 tours completed (not including last week of March)
    • revamp private event grants
    • make the museum more interactive (museum store)
    • pocket guide for new players
    • establish a DoPA shop for obscure materials we may need for events
    • open a store in the museum for souvenirs
    • more discord events
    • establish a proper system for event disruptions + penalties
    • make the job of tgs more appealing