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    Capture The Block Event
    Hosted by Bloom Construction on its discord
    Sign up here:
    The discord has been re-customized to accommodate the event. You can still place construction orders though! See the Construction category.

    There are 4 teams:
    Red Team
    Yellow Team
    Lime Team
    Light Blue Team

    Each team has a base somewhere on the server, either in a city, town, or in the wild. When the game starts, each base is unknown to all teams except their own. Little by little, locations of bases are revealed through clues or by teams winning challenges such as puzzles and PvP.

    Your job as a player is to work with your team to win challenges to get clues and discover the hidden locations of each of the bases. Then, work together to steal each team’s colored wool block. Careful! Each team will also be trying to figure out where your base is and trying to steal your wool.

    Goal of the game:
    To capture the wool block of each other team. When a team has all three blocks of wool in their base, they win!

    Team Bases:
    Each team base will be hidden somewhere on the server map at the start of the game. The center of the base will be the area with chests of your colored block of wool. The center will be regioned. You can place anything you want around the center to finish building your base as defense.


    You will not be allowed to build/place inside the wool room, you will have to build your base and defenses around the wool room. The wool room should serve as the center of your base.

    Teams sign-up: Jan 13th - Jan20th
    Team Base Reveal & Base defense building: Jan20th - Jan 23rd
    Event Start: Jan 23rd

    Clue Reveal #1: Jan 20th
    Clue Reveal #2: February 1st
    Clue Reveal #3: February 15th

    Challenge #1: Jan 25th
    Challenge #2: ??????
    Challenge #3: ??????


    1. No regioning the playing field or any of the things you make around your base
    2. No outside help from outside participants can be used
    3. Moderators are not allowed to log-block
    4. Faking you got a wool block will be grounds for disqualification
    5. You must use the armor and tools provided by bloom or you can craft your own- you may not use any sort of enchanted tool/armor piece.
    6. While playing, you must ALWAYS wear your colored cap.
    5. Rules will be added as we go

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