Lawsuit: Adjourned Cars R Us vs joniw2016

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    Your honour,

    On the morning of 25th March, joniw2016 approached my company to rent a yellow car from my company for one week, at an agreed price of 60kr per week. After payment was received, the vehicle in question was released for joniw2016's use as they saw fit (on the 25th of March). The vehicle was due to be returned by the 2nd of April, 7 days after the start of the rental. As of the 4th of April, the vehicle has still not been returned (despite the defendant's promise that it would). I have attached a transcript of the ticket for the rental, which shows all of these key events.

    I would like to request that we are to have the white car returned to us (or dealership value 5250kr), as well as 60kr (one weeks rental cost) to cover any additional expenses/lost income due to this inconvenience.

    Ticket-0034 transcript

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png

    Terms and conditions of rental

    T&C's.png T&C's 2.png

    Qualification as Lawyer

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    Good Evening @Cherub54321,

    @joniw2016 is hereby summoned to the court to acknowledge the case. If the Defendant, @joniw2016, does not acknowledge the case as a reply in 2 days, the case will close in the Plaintiff's favor.

    Court is in Session

    This case is presided by Judge Cooleagles Bear in mind to not reply to court cases unless summoned by the Judge!

    Additionally, the plaintiff glanced around numerous different cars. There are mentions of a yellow and white one in your opening, and also a green one in the evidence. Could the plaintiff please clarify which car the defendant rented, thank you.
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    Good Evening once more,

    After speaking with the defendant, they have informed me that they have left the game and do not plan to respond to the accusations.
    Therefore, I find the defendant guilty of breaking the contract they made with Cars R Us. I am rewarding the plaintiff with the rented vehicle. I also will reward the plaintiff with 18kr, for the 2 unpaid days instead of a full week.

    I ask that the DoJ Minister @hotshot80915 please ensure that the plaintiff is compensated. I also authorize the government to seize any assets of the defendant in the case they can not fulfill their debts.

    That is all, Court Adjourned

    Court Adjourned

    This case was presided by Judge Cooleagles