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Guide Chef

Discussion in 'Guides' started by kailabeann, Oct 29, 2020.

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    Chefs specialize in crafting and selling custom foods and drinks. There are dozens of custom items and endless opportunities for Chefs to create their own menus and themed restaurants. Chefs can work for another company or open their own independent business in a shop or commercial plot.

    Chefs are closely partnered with Farmers to gather all the ingredients for their recipes. Some items can be crafted and others can be smelted. There are a few recipes that require multiple steps to craft individual ingredients first. These ingredients such as Strawberry Jam, Steamed Milk, and Tomato Sauce can be consumed individually, but they have little nutritional value and no effects.

    All other foods and drinks provide different effects such as Speed, Luck, Regeneration, Strength, and more with the added benefit of restoring hunger and healing. The more complicated the recipe is the stronger the Hunger and Health values and longer the effect. In some cases such as Pepperoni Pizza, two effects are provided. All the custom items pop up a lore menu on hover which shows the nutritional values and effects.

    All of the recipes are shown below:


    Bakery & Desserts

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    Yayyy new food
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    I seriously considering becoming a chef
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    I'm a chef!