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    How to make a Shop
    • Place a chest on the ground
    • Place a sign 1 block away from the chest (i.e above it, in front of it by holding shift etc.);
      • First line of the sign will be filled automatically by your name, therefore you should leave it empty;
      • On the second line you write the amount of blocks they receive for a specified amount of money;
      • The third line is the price line. You need to have a price indicator (like 'B' - price that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS - or 'S' - the SELL price) near the price. You can also combine them by separating the prices with a colon (:). Some of the possible price combinations: "B 10:5 S", "B 5" etc.;
      • The forth line holds information on what the item being sold is. You can find out the name of the item you're holding by doing /iteminfo.
    This sign indicates that a player is selling 10 Iron Ingots for 70 Krunas.

    This sign indicates that a player is selling 64 Quartz Blocks for 90 Krunas and that they are buying 64 Quartz Blocks for 50 Krunas.

    Commands and Usage
    • You can right click to buy from a shop and left click to sell to a shop.
    • By default once you make a shop you will be notified (if you're online) if a player bought from your shop. To toggle those messages, you can do /cstoggle.
    • If the first line says Government Shop or Government, it means you can buy from/sell to the Government.
    • In case you're selling customized items, such as enchanted items, written books, banners, enchanted tools or renamed items, you need to do /iteminfo whilst holding the item for the exact ID for that item.
    • Chest shops have a 3% sales tax
  2. Fadez_Senpai

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    Anyone one know how to get this to work with written books?
  3. A1phaSniper

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    you need to hold the book in your hand and do /iteminfo, then place that ID on your sign
  4. Fadez_Senpai

    Fadez_Senpai Citizen

    ive done that and it still says that its out of stock
  5. Alyaja

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    It doesnt work with written books help?
  6. Nature_Girl

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    <--- do that or maybe put the name of the certain book on the bottom?
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  8. Alyaja

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    I've tried the item info thing but I'll try it again and I'll def' go on and try the title thanks for the help even if it doesnt work!
  9. Alyaja

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    Actually update to the chest shop thing its "Written Book:***" the *** is the highlighted in yellow/orange three last numbers/letters in /iteminfo like the starting book would be
    "B 1"
    "Writen Book:#6o"

    To sell so yah
  10. Turtleomg

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    when i try it says something like "you have invalied item id" or something like that help me
  11. Turtleomg

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    sry for this message. delete this plz
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  13. Croldfish

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    Is there any way to share ownership of a chest shop
  14. Ferngrove2004

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    Unfortunately no, the plugin that allows /cmodify is opposed to the chest shop plugin, so only one person is allowed to own the chest shop and use it. To my knowledge, someone please correct me if I'm incorrect!~
  15. Antoan Havalyov

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    Am i allowed to copy real books from real life and write them?
  16. Antoan Havalyov

    Antoan Havalyov Citizen

    And where i can get a book so i can start writing?