Bill: Accepted Clarification/Change To Impouding

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Attorney General
Attorney General
Department of Construction
Title: Clarification/Change to Impounding

Type of Motion: Edit

Elaboration & Reasoning: Currently in the law it says that if a vehicle is left in a non parking spot for over a week, then it would be impounded and the owner would be fined. I propose we change it to this. If it is left in any non-parking spot, then it would be impounded. There would not be waiting for a week since vehicles are not supposed to be parked in a non-parking spot anyway. However, a player can park their vehicle in a non-parking location if they do so on a plot that they own. Just to clarify or summarize, this motion calls for the immediate impounding of any vehicle left in a non-parking spot unless the vehicle is left on a plot owned by the vehicle owner.

Additional Information: I’m open to suggestions and comments for this motion, as well as any questions or things I can clarify.