coconutmilk_'s Election Post (August 2019)

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    Aug 18, 2018
    Hello. I'm coconutmilk_. Previously known as cynnamon_, and cinnamontea_ before that. I am aware of my somewhat unpopular past as cinnamontea_, but I can guarantee everybody that I have changed, and many people that would previously claim that I am unfit for parliament can confirm that I have change. I joined the server 11 months ago, so I am quite familiar with the server.

    Why I'm Running for Parliament:
    I know what it's like to be an ordinary citizen without being given a voice by the government. On several occasions, the members of parliament made decisions without consulting with the people. I plan to change that. I plan to seek the people's opinions and persuade fellow members of parliament to do so. Always consult with the people first.

    What I Plan to Do in Parliament:
    1. Push fellow members of parliament to lower the regioning cost in the wilderness back down from a 7. This was a decision that was made without consulting with the people and it left many citizens angry at parliament for raising the price so high. I am aware that this price was raised to encourage people to live in the city, but the wilderness is used for large plots that people simply cannot get in the city, so people should be able to get a plot without completely emptying their pockets. This is a decision that needs to be undone.
    2. Push for more citizen involvement in governmental decisions. The little amount of involvement that citizens have in decisions that affect them is outrageous.
    3. Abolish laws that are restrictive for no reason. There are many laws that are in place that restrict players from doing things that have no effect at all, and players should be able to have fun without unnecessary restrictions.
    4. Create a more laid-back environment in Businesscraft. I am aware that this campaign thread is very formal, but this is only because I want to get across a serious message. I am a very laid-back person and I plan to create and environment that everybody can enjoy.

    What I'm Short of:
    The only thing I lack is activity on the forums and on discord. To be quite honest, I didn't really think being on discord was going to be of any use, but now, I pledge to be active on discord, connect with fellow players, and do so on the forums as well. I did have a few forum posts, but from a very long time ago, and I deleted most of them.

    Anyways, y'all better get me in Parliament. #CoconutForMP. See y'all when I get sworn in!
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    Good luck!
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    Jul 16, 2019
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    good luck
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    Best of luck!
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