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  1. KikoInnit

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    - Title: Community Service
    - Type: Edit
    - Reasoning: community service is not being used currently so we need to make it easyer to use
    - Bill: community service can be chosen as a punishment for some crimes and will be managed by the DoA. The player will be given a place to clear up in a time frame set by a ranger or DoA minister
    If the player fails to complete the work or is purposefully doing the job wrong (ex. randomly digging more holes or lighting things on fire), the player will serve their original jail sentence with additional 50kr fine and 5 mins jail time

    credit jeff for helping me write this :D
  2. kl_22

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    Name: kl_22
    Vote: Aye
    Reason Missed Vote: I thought I had voted
  3. MehLife

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    Name: MehLife
    Vote: Aye
    Reason: As above, I had thought I’ve voted, but I’ve been going through something with family right now.