Bill: Accepted Community Service

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  1. Jocie

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    - Title: Community Service
    - Type: Creation
    - Reasoning: Although this bill has been made and removed before, with the new job Ranger we believe it is necessary again. Community service will be listed in punishments for breaking laws like jail time, but instead they will have the option to either help the DoA clean the wilderness with supervision of either Rangers or the DoA minister or have the equal amount of jail time. For example, if the player has been found to be needlessly destroying landscape for the third time, they will be asked by a ranger whether they would like to server their sentence in jail or in the wilderness cleaning their mess. (Note that if they choose the latter the time will not start until they get to the community service site.)
    - Bill: Community service will be a new kind of punishment handed out and supervised by Rangers. If the punishment applies, it will be mentioned in the laws punishments and the player will have the option to choose whether they would like to carry out their sentence working or in jail. Community service will be overseen by a ranger or the DoA minister. The player will be led to an area in the wild in need of repair and be given everything they need to work. All excess materials and tools will be returned at the end of the community service or it will be treated as stealing from the DoA. Choosing to do community service will not go on your record.