Vetoed Company Copyright Preservation Act

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  1. Zulf

    Zulf Police Officer Police Officer

    Jun 30, 2019
    -Title: Company Copyright Preservation Act
    -Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation
    -Elaboration & Reasoning: Currently, company copyright is limited to just the name of the corporation (a new company's name cannot sound like the name of an existing corporation). This bill would allow the expansion of company copyright and enact a sound penalty for infringement of said rights.
    Revised company copyright regulations will include the already existent naming rule as well as the following:

    -Companies own exclusive rights to the designs of any properties they own (apartments, shops, facilities) as well as the interiors of those properties (ex: a certain parkour gym's aesthetic and course cannot be copied).

    - Companies own exclusive rights to their branding (graphics/slogans) -Companies own exclusive rights to the distribution of their products (i.e lottery tickets or casino chips issued by a company cannot be resold peer-to-peer or by another company)

    -If a company hires someone to create a design/product/building, copyright ownership is given to the company, not the hired worker.

    - A company's processes, ideas, or methods cannot be copyrighted.

    Copyright Infringement
    -If any of the above rights are violated by outside parties, the dispute is allowed to be settled in court with a maximum pay out of 2,500 Kr per copyrighted piece.
    -Violator is required to pay a 40 kr fine.

    Fair Use
    -If a player does not benefit from the use of copyrighted material, it is deemed fair use and can be reproduced without legal action.
    -If a business owner does not copyright a product/design, it is deemed fair use.
    -Business practices cannot be copyrighted and are fair use (aka hiring methods, discords, etc).

    - Other Information:
    - These laws pertain ONLY to products/designs that have a copyright notice. Typing a copyright notice for a product/design under your company thread on the forums would give you exclusive rights to the products/designs listed. If a design or product does not have a copyright notice, it is deemed fair use and is eligible to be similarly replicated.
    -This act does NOT include "industry copyright" (ex: if you started a taxi service, and someone else also started one in the same timeframe, you do not have the right to start a lawsuit).
  2. William_CTO

    William_CTO CTO of M|Corp Property Inspector Donator

    Feb 24, 2019
    I'm voting nay because I disagree with this point.
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  3. Koalition

    Koalition Prime Minister Staff Member Owner Prime Minister

    Mar 23, 2017
    This over-complicates a minecraft server too much, and I do not agree with most of the points besides the branding one. Vetoed.


    This bill has been vetoed by the Prime Minister.

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  4. Zulf

    Zulf Police Officer Police Officer

    Jun 30, 2019
    Feelin like a champ pt. 2