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    Company Reporting Guide

    A responsibility of Business and Employment Secs. is ensuring companies are following business law accordingly. In order to do so, ES and BS may make reports on companies or players who are violating business laws. Use the format below when making reports. Staff are required to follow through with enforcement.

    Employment Sec. and Business Sec. who file correct reports will be rewarded a K200 bonus per confirmed report.

    Title: IGN [Date] # Offence

    Player jobs:
    Illegal items being sold:
    Plot/Region coords:

    Effective 7/15/20
    After a report is filed, /mail the player who has the report made against them notifying them about the report and take a screenshot proving that mail has been sent.

    _Info_ 8/3/2020 1st Offence

    Player/Company: Info - Ultima Supply
    Player jobs: Hunter, Entrepreneur
    Illegal items being sold: Farmed goods. Wheat, Carrots and Watermelon
    Plot/Region: CMM_01
    Evidence: Attached Screenshots
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