Rescinded Constitutional Fix Amendment Act

P. Hunter

Prime Minister
Prime Minister
Minister of Economy
Department of Internal Development
Department of Construction
Prime Minister
Constitutional Fix Amendment Act


Fix parts of the constitution

The Council of Ministers enacts:

Section 1. Short Title

(1) This Act is the Constitutional Fix Amendment Act.

Section 2. Commencement

(1) All Provision(s) shall come into effect upon passage.

Section 3. Reasoning

(1) The department responsibilities also include the positions within the department and in the case of position changes the government must make a constitutional amendment, this bill will give the Chairman to amend it themselves.

(2) The bill process says to post only on discord but another section says to post on forums, this bill will clarify and make the process more streamlined.

(3) Deputy Minister’s should be excluded from running for Judge as they could potentially become Acting Minister at any time and that would cause issues.

(4) Potential Judge candidates should at least have done 5 cases in court in order to prove that they have legal knowledge and have the ability to argue law.

(5) The Minister of Justice is the head of a police organization and does not have any standing in the legal community, they should not be nominating Magistrates in tempore, that should be the duty of the Stratham Bar Association as they control Judge elections.

(6) Even if there are not enough candidates for the Judge elections, hearings and discussion should still take place so the community can get an idea of the candidate and see if they are qualified for the job or not.

(7) As warrants are now a thing and there are commands that could be potentially abusable, it should be a constitutional right for citizens to have against unreasonable search and seizure.

Section 4. Constitutional Amendment 1

(1) Create Section I, Subsection I, Clause III, Subclause F

“(F) May issue Department Directives that are relevant to their department.”

(2) Amend Section I, Subsection I, Clause IV, Subclause G to:

“(G) Department of State, commonly abbreviated DoS, is responsible for managing foreign affairs, Auditing Departments, managing elections, education reform and initiatives, city/town relations, and political organizations. In order to meet its constitutional obligations, the Department will employ Electoral Officers, State Secretaries, and Superintendents.”

(3) Amend Section I, Subsection I, Clause IV, Subclause C to:

“(C) Department of Economy, commonly abbreviated DoE, is responsible for the overall performance of the economy, including government shops, business grants, the fiscal and monetary policies of the government as well as formation of tax policies. The department consists of Economy Secretaries, Labor Officers, and Analysts.”

(4) Add Section I, Subsection I, Clause V, Subclause G:

“(G) shall have the power to amend Clause IV of the constitution in the case of position changes within departments.”

(5) Create Section I, Subsection I, Clause VII

(VII) Department Directives
(A) Department Directives may be issued by Minister’s to create, remove, or amend their department policy.
(B) Ministers may issue Directives to create, remove, or amend national policy within the scope of their department.

(6) Remove Clause III of Section I, Subsection III.

(7) Amend Section I, Subsection III, Clause IV, Subclause A to:

“(A) Bills will be proposed on #bills discord channel and legislation board on forums.”

(8) Amend Section I, Subsection III, Clause V, Subclause A to:

“(A) Proposals for amendments will be made on Discord under #bills and on forums under the legislation board.”

Section 5. Constitutional Amendment 2

(1) Amend Section II, Subsection II, Clause I, Subclause C to:

“(C) Cannot be a Minister or Deputy Minister”

(2) Create Section II Subsection II, Clause I, Subclause D:

“Must have done at least 5 cases in court”
(3) Amend Section II, Subsection I, Clause V to

“(V) In the event a Judge is recused from a case, that Judge will be replaced by another judge. In the event none of the appointed judges can preside over a case, the case will be presided over by a Magistrate in Tempore. A Magistrate in Tempore is nominated by the Chairman of the Stratham Bar Association with the majority approval of the Council (50%, rounded up), and a majority approval from the Judges (50%, rounded up).”

(4) Amend Section II, Subsection II, Clause II, Subclause D to:

“(D) The Board will then select the top 3 nominees within 48 hours from within the nomination pool, by conducting optional hearings and discussions. (In the case there are 3 or less nominees the board will not select the nominees but hearings and discussion may still take place in order to have a better idea of the candidates.)”

Section 6. Constitutional Amendment III

(1) Create Section 4, Privacy Rights, Clause I:

“(I) Players will have the right to privacy and to be free from unwarranted publicity.”

(2) Create Section 4, Privacy Rights, Clause II:

“(II) Players will have the right from unreasonable and unwarranted search and seizure of themselves and their properties unless in the case probable cause is proven beyond reasonable doubt.”

Authored by Ryan_88 on behalf of the people.