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  1. Luxaholic

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    Mar 23, 2017
    - Title: Contract legality

    - Type of motion: Creation

    - Elaboration:
    Currently contracts formed between players have no real legal value, if a player were to break a contract they would suffer no consequences because they are not backed by the legal system and therefore can not be enforced. Id like to institute a law that states contracts formed between players are backed by the government, punishments would be established by the contract, the judicial system, or both. At the same time Id also like to establish rules regarding the contracts, namely:
    * contracts may not include unreasonably harsh punishments, a contract could be deemed too harsh by the judicial system
    * contracts may not bind someone to something unknowingly, ie they may not have excessively hidden subtexts or clauses
    * contracts must be recorded by the issuer, if they can not provide evidence that a contract was formed then it is invalid
    * contracts may not be formed over a voice chat and members of the voice chat may not act as "witnesses"

    - Other information: n/a
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