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Court Orders​

Court orders are typically writs issued by a presiding Judge. Below are a list of all court orders avaliable.

Writ of CertiorariShall be issued by the Supreme Court ordering that a court decision be set aside when found to be conflicting with the law.
Writ of MandamusShall be issued by the courts ordering a government agency, office holder, lower court, or corporations to perform an act according to their duty. Only the Supreme Court may issue a Writ of Mandamus to an office holder.
Writ of Habeas CorpusShall be issued by a Court to order an incarcerated individual to be released unless the government can prove they are being held under legal grounds.
Writ of Quo WarrantoShall be issued by a Court to order the holder of a position or holder of public office to produce evidence of their authority to exercise their power or right.
InjunctionIssued by any court ordering a party to halt their actions. This can take place in the form of a Emergency Injunction or Permanent Injunction.

Anyone may petition the Court to grant any of the following orders above using the format below.

In The Supreme/Circuit/District Court of The Stratham Republic
Petition for Writ of <name of court order>/Emergency Injunction

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