Bill: Accepted Creation of Prosecutor Job

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  1. _Info_

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    - Title: Creation of the Prosecutor Job
    - Type: Creation
    - Reasoning: The government should have at minimum one lawyer on standby whose only job is to take on prosecutions for the government.
    - Bill: This Bill will create a new Yellow Job known as the Prosecutor (‘Pr’). This job will fall under the DoJ and be separated from the Police command structure. They will follow the directions of the DoJ Minister, DPM, and PM. They will be paid 75 kr per completed court case.

    Prosecutors will be chosen by the Prime Minister at the recommendation of the DoJ Minister and confirmed by Parliament. They must hold the qualification of lawyer in order to hold this position.

    Their job responsibilities will be to take on Court Cases on the behalf of the government. Prosecutors will be focused on investigating and prosecuting crimes that are not handled by another government position. In addition, they will be responsible for any prosecution that is launched by a government official. Prosecutors shall not have any special power ingame nor will Prosecutors be barred from private practice.

    In addition, this bill bans the act of private prosecutions. Law firms and independent lawyers will no longer be allowed to ask the DoJ Minister for permission to prosecute someone, as that duty will fall to the Prosecutor.