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I know I had stated that my leave from Stratham would be a temporary one, but I am afraid I have to announce that it will be more permanent than expected. I thank everyone who I worked with over the year. I will include long texts in spoilers so you don't get drowned out, but they all have 'Too Long, Didn't Read' sections, don't worry.

I hereby resign from all of my government duties including the judge position. I apologise that I couldn't hold it for long. That position was the only thing keeping me hesitant about this decision.

There are two main reasons to my more than temporary leave. First is obvious: the recent staff interference.

I won't get into whether the staff interference was correct or wrong, that is a topic that requires an analysis way above the paygrade of this excuse of a personal letter to everyone. I can just say this, however: I love complexitiy, and it seems that the server is currently moving away from it. From the staff interference to the remaining playerbase (which has been drastically altered by this staff interference), that seems to be the general idea.
I love (or loved) this server, and I had a lot of fun here in politics, but it seems that what I enjoy - the complexitiy of law and politics - is not what this server is now aiming for and actively moving towards - simplicity.

The second reason is less to do with wrongdoings - hence why I put it later. I'm currently traveling the Turkish countryside with my girlfriend (actually on an overnight bus with her as I write this) and that has inspired me to build something rural and or town-sized. Giant fields, rural factories etc... So I decided to dust off my old server and an old world and start on that instead, with the ability to enjoy that in any way I want, without being limited to simplicity as I was before. That way, I can write laws and create organisations with really complicated structures as well as build stuff as I wish.

I don't like how the server is moving towards simplicity + I Want to build rural stuff raaah so I'm going to dust off that old server shaft for a while.

The will is to be executed by @Irongolem_lawyer in the following terms:

The Independent is to be given to @P. Hunter' effective immediately.
The CHC Head Office is to be given to @Irongolem_lawyer effective immediately.
All of my remaining capital is to be given to @Irongolem_lawyer effective immediately.
I will be disbanding CHC and the rest of it's subsidiaries effective immediately. Theory & Politika website will stay up, and the only thing I wish to keep a claim on is the copyright of that website and it's contents.

- Thank you to @P. Hunter for helping me grow in this server and being a good statesman.
- Thank you to @HistoriaOrangie for being a cool as hell infrastructure nerd and being overly excited about my girlfriend.
- Thank you to @FreddBear for being such an amazing colleague and a friend to work with.
- Thank you to @TeddyTaps230 for also being an amazing colleague as well as being british (I know it'ts hard)
- Thank you to @Irongolem_lawyer for being a good CFO and an enthusiastic lawyer.
- Thank you to @3V5N for being a motivated, awesome and model new player.
- Thank you to @Koalition for while being hard to reach most of the times taking into consideration my opinion on the new constitution as well as calling out the cool things I did with T&P.
- Thank you to @Luxaholic for being more talkative than Koal and making that banger of a map.
- Thank you to @LTARAILWAYS for trains (duh) and sorry for never making that Stratham Railway Fans Club.
- Thank you to @Ancastal for being the coolest economist to date and also making that website (oh my god it was so good where is it gone to)
- Thank you to @Matt for being an amazing business partner and advertiser.
- Thank you to @MegaMinerM for being an amazing colleague.
- Thank you to @Cherub54321 for finishing his frozen pizza and pasting in my sign (I will remember that night)
- Thank you to @DoubbleKerius for briefly creating a double replica of my HQ in the sky.
- Thank you to @Ryan_88 for being the only person who cares about the RSMS.
God I hope I didn't forget anyone lol
The big question: Will I come back anytime soon? Probably not. Will I ever come back? Not off the table, we shall see once the dust settles.
So long, everyone... I'll stay in discord to chat.
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