Department of Health Policies

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    Department of Health Policies

    • Basics
    • Introduction
    • List of Department of Health Policies

    The Department of Health has policies that must be followed by every member of the department. The following policies may involve punishment by law on top of punishment given by the department. To see which policies are subjected to punishment by law, you may do so by clicking here. These policies may be subjected to change.


    Welcome to the Department of Health! If you wish to become a Doctor, you must follow policies that will give players and yourself the best work experience possible. Please read all of the following policies and familiarize yourself with them. You will most likely need to refer to these constantly during your time in the department.

    Department of Health Policies

    The Department of Health keeps a record of any and all misconduct. If Doctors fail to comply with any and all of the following policies, they are susceptible to a warning (not staff-related) given by the department. If punishment isn’t specified with the breaking of a particular policy, it will be up to the department to discuss a reasonable punishment depending on the severity of the situation.

    • Doctors can receive warnings (not staff-related) within the department. If a Doctor receives three or more warnings, it will be reasonable grounds for immediate termination of their position with the ability to retake the exam. A Doctor can be permanently fired on reasonable grounds despite the Doctor's warning record.
    • Doctors aren't allowed to warp to the hospital unless it's to treat a patient.
    • Doctors are not allowed to sell in bulk (more than one treatment/remedy per visit).
    • Doctors are not allowed to give treatments/cures away for free. They must charge the appropriate amount that is written on the Remedy Prices board on the main floor of the hospital.
    • Doctors must abide by all rules and laws within the subsection of the medical law of the Businesscraft rules and laws page.
    • Doctors aren't allowed to use the Stock Room for non-medical reasons. This essentially means that they can't use the stockroom for their own personal use outside of the Doctor’s role. The stock room is meant for treatment/cures only and shouldn't be used in any other way. If a Doctor fails to comply with this policy, they may receive a warning and/or be immediately fired with the ability to apply for the role once again.
    • Doctors must /attend a patient before warping to a hospital.
    • In order for a patient to receive medical treatment, the player must first click on the sign (just like checking in at a real-life doctors' office). After the player clicks on the sign, then the doctor performs /attend [patient's name]. If necessary, the doctor may then warp to the relevant Hospital.
    • Doctor's aren't allowed to have any medical objectives (with the exception of Pharmacy items) outside of a government-approved medical facility. Doctors that fail to comply with this policy will be warned and/or temporarily/permanently fired depending on the severity.
    • Doctors are allowed to treat themselves. However, they're not allowed to warp to the hospital. They would have to find their own means of transportation to the hospital.

    Footnote: A Doctor is susceptible to punishment, even if a Doctor's actions weren't explicitly listed as going against any policies in this thread.
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