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    Jun 14, 2019
    - Title: Deputy Minister Bill
    - Type: Creation
    - Reasoning: When the PM is absent, they appoint an Acting Prime Minister (A/PM). When a minister goes on vacation there should be an acting minister appointed, which does not always occur. When a minister steps down, and or leaves there should be an Acting Minister who caretakes and oversees the running of the Department until a suitable replacement is appointed.

    In order to ensure a quick and automatic process, the Department Minister should appoint a Deputy Minister. This would mean that if there is more than one secretary, that there is a clear defined temporary successor.

    Each minister will be required to appoint one of their secretaries or senior members of their department, as Deputy Minister. The Deputy Minister would not partake in cabinet discussion, but would work more closely with the minister to understudy their position and offer advice. Thus if the minister was to suddenly leave or was to go on holiday, there would be suitable and trained alternative to act as a CARETAKER over the department. The Deputy Minister is an appointment, displayed on discord and on forums, not in-game role.

    The role offers players a higher position in outer-cabinet and ensures a seamless transition through appointments. Acting, Deputy Ministers do not have to be the appointment put forward by cabinet, however it offers cabinet the opportuinty to assess their suitability for a ministerial role, beyond the temporary appointment.

    - Bill: Department Ministers are required to appoint one of their secretaries or senior members of their department, as Deputy Minister. In the event that the Minister goes away, the Deputy Minister acts as the Minister. In the event that Minister steps down and or leaves, the Deputy Minister becomes the acting Minister until Cabinet and Parliament make a formal appointment for the new Minister.
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