Lawsuit: Dismissed DerpGaming20_YT Vs. ByeSprite

Discussion in 'Courthouse' started by DerpGaming20_YT, Apr 25, 2021.

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  1. DerpGaming20_YT

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    I am suing sprite for child support to support me financially in single-handedly raising our child, Shadowlink17.

    I am requesting 100kr a week from sprites balance for the rest of time.
  2. LouisVuitton8

    LouisVuitton8 Citizen

    This is not a legitimate lawsuit. You need to be a lawyer to start a lawsuit
  3. DerpGaming20_YT

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    Replying to Court cases
    Replying to a Court Case is only permitted if summoned by the presiding Judge.
    Not following this rule with result in your post being deleted, as well as additional fines, and jail time. “

    and I just realized that’s technically not stated in the courthouse ‘guides’ and therefore shouldn’t be enforced yet, being by technicality any new players looking to create a lawsuit wouldn’t find it in the guides to do so on this forum category.
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  5. Cooleagles2005

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    Good Evening @DerpGaming20_YT and @LordConquistador,

    DerpGaming, firstly you do have to be a lawyer to start a lawsuit. I am not sure if you are one or not, but by the presentation of this lawsuit plus the numerous rules broken. I would presume not. Secondly, even if you were a lawyer there is no law to support your claim. One can argue that you can put forth outside laws, whilst that is true, this would still be an outrageous claim due to the fact there is no "family" system along with our server to declare Shadowlink17 as your legal child. To go a step further, even if this was an arguable claim to make, you have provided zero evidence. I find this not only as a joke and frivolous case, but a poorly written one too. Thirdly, you found the need to correct LordConquistador, who I will be mentioning in a moment; without surprise, you yourself would also fall under that court rule. Finally, you say that this rule shouldn't be enforced because it is not in courthouse guides. When you yourself quoted that, from the court rules. I would hope that current and aspiring lawyers, read and understood the rules, before making such posts.

    Now, LordConquistador. Yes, the point you made is very valid; however, you are not the judge. All due respect it is not your job to correct a player in this setting. I let you off with a warning for this is your first time.

    I will be dismissing this case as frivolous, for this is what I believe your second time posting a case like this DerpGaming. Your first being, DerpGaming20_YT Vs. ShadowLink17. Although that case was not dismissed as frivolous by Judge Matthew, I find the characteristics of both very similar. Please do not post another frivolous case like this for I will be left with no choice but to indict you and punish you.

    Have a good day everyone,

    Case Dismissed.