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    Nov 30, 2017
    Hello there! Many of you older players most likely know me, but for those of you whom are newer or just never got to meet me, my name is DerpGaming20_YT, but honestly thats alot of uneeded letters so feel free to call me derp. I am 19 years old and currently laid off due to Covid-19, so your vote for me will be a vote for a player who has very little to do besides play Minecraft for the time being, and even when i go back to work i will be able to dedicate time to my virtual political career.
    What do I stand for?
    As an MP, I strive to create bills that benefit everyone. I don't lean towards helping a specific government group, the Businesses of the server, or the richest players of Businesscraft. I instead find bills with a balance between everyone.
    -If there is a sugessted change for one of my proposed bills, i will consult with the community on how to implement the change, without negatively impacting the playerbase.
    -If i am asked to draft a bill which may benefit a certain group of players, i will either kindly refuse, or find a way to make it benefit the community as a whole.
    -If i notice a bill from another MP member that will have negative affects on the server as whole, i can assure a Nay from me on that one.
    In Conclusion
    When you vote for me, you vote for the true voice of the people.
    If you have any questions to ask, my DM's on discord are always open, and i try to respond as quickly as possible. And you can also always message me in game whenever you see me. Thank you for reading, and honestly, whether its for me or not, vote for those you feel can properly fulfill the needs of the server this election.

    Discord--> DerpGaming20#8768