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    - Username: A1phaSniper
    - Suggestion Title: The distribution of available discord server emoji's
    - Elaborate (Why do you think it should be added, how will it improve the server, etc.): Currently, The Businesscraft Discord server is using only 16 of its 100 emojis. I am suggesting the implementation of a system that gives businesses the opportunity to apply for their own emoji. This emojis will mostly contain business logos or special emojis that people want to be added. In order to get an emoji on the server, players must apply (under government applications) following a specific format. After that, a member from the Department of Economics has the option to either deny or accept it (The application process would only be similar to the billboard applications). I'd expect the emojis to cost maybe 1,000-5,000 krunas. An admin with the proper permissions can then create the emoji on the Businesscraft server. I feel that this feature would be useful for advertisements, or the ease of spreading word of mouth about a company
    - Additional Information: N/A
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    Great idea and helps the scoial side of Discord. Perhaps a Tier 3 Company ( by the Entrepreneur Shop) a company can get an extra Emoji.
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    This is already being considered for an addition to employment benefits.
  11. A1phaSniper

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    I was more or less suggesting that it be given the same permissions as billboard applications, or something similar to what garmen has said.
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    @SirKosmo is this still being done by DoE?
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    I was not aware of this, however I love the idea! I will bring it up and see what we can do!
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    Ok great to hear!
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    To clarify, I was suggesting a system that anyone could apply for their own emoji (preferably on the forums), have it looked over by a department (It would make sense if it was the DoPA), and implemented. Not really suggesting it be part of the benefits given to large companies. Just people giving their own bit to our server.
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    why not have both systems one for Large companies and one for players?