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    If elected, what do you plan to do in Parliament?A) If elected a member of parliament I will make sure all citizens voice is heard, as a active player on this server I know what can be improved on. What issues are most important to you and how will you address them as an MP? A) The most issues I have are people abusing there powers, such as inactive players who take the job as a tour guide or doctor and who just do it for the money, another goal I wish to achieve is to get rid of any toxicity of the server, I have seen a lot of complaints lately about how toxic the server is, and I hope to change that.
    What changes, if any, would you make to the current government system and why? A) I wouldn’t really make any real changes to the government except to get rid of members who do it for the money and the benefits and power rather than the server and also the ones who don’t do what they promise.
    Should any government positions, other than MPs, be elected? If so, which ones?A) I feel like certain ministers should be voted into such as certain departments.
    How do you plan on bringing people back in to Politics?A) I plan on doing many polls, asking people in game about certain ideas and to kinda get players hooked on politics.We’ve received a lot of requests to remove players’ political roles, so it appears politics may be in a decline.
    Will you focus on less restrictive or more regulatory laws?A) I will focus on both as I feel there can be improve the on both parts.
    How do you think your decisions in parliament will positively/negatively impact the playerbase? A) I will be the players voice, I will bring in the ideas they want and things they want to see, so I see that as a positive.
    What is Parliamentary jurisdiction in your own words? A) parliamentary jurisdiction is basically a branch of the legislative branch and have the power to either accept or reject laws and new members get elected every two months.
    If you've been in parliament before, tell us why electing you is the best option? Please address the problem of blocking the flow of new and different ideas into parliament. If you haven't been elected before, How is your lack of experience good?A) I feel like If it was always the same people every two months then there would be no point in voting, and it would get repetitive.
    What is your response to recent discussions of Political discussion? Should it be kept or removed? Why? A)First of all political discussions should be kept as it gives players a more accessible platform to pitch in there ideas to make the server a better place.
    What is your opinion on a recently passed, vetoed, or still pending law? A) I really like the currently passed laws as I feel like it improves the server a lot and gives players a more fun time.