Bill: Accepted Edit to Parliamentary Replacement Election Procedure

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    Title: Edit to Parliamentary Replacement Election Procedure
    Type: Edit to the Constitution
    Description: This bill will change the Constitution to require more than one vote in the replacement poll to be an eligible nominee
    Bill: Section 2 Paragraph 3 of the constitution will be edited to read as follows:

    In the event an MP seat becomes vacant, the SoP will poll the general public for nominations or re-use a previous poll from the past 25 days for a replacement. After at least 24 hours have passed, the SoP may close the poll. The nominee pool will consist of everyone that meets the minimum requirements and also receives at least 2 votes in the poll. Parliament will then discuss and vote on their choice of the candidate from the nominee pool. After the candidate is chosen, the SoP will inform the chosen nominee of their candidacy. The nominee may then choose to accept or decline the nomination. If declined, parliament will revote from the remaining nominee pool and repeat the process. If within 21 days of the next election, the seat may be kept vacant.

    Additional Information: As this is a change to the constitution, it requires a supermajority (7/9) to pass