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    Information about Elections
    • Elections have been happening once every 2 months since April 2017. As of February 2020, elections occur every 4 months.
    • Every election, 9 Members of Parliament are elected.
    • On the 8th of every election month, an official election month post will be created. Players then reply to the post “I, <username>, am seeking the position of Member of Parliament.”.
    • From the 8th until the 15th (1 week) players are allowed to express their interest in running for the position and can campaign for the position in-game, on forums (by creating an optional campaign thread under Elections) and/or on discord (in #mp-election channel).
      • There they are able to talk about their campaign, debate with other candidates and answer questions players may have about what kind of policies they would be voting for.
    • From the 15th until the 20th (5 days), a poll will be made in the election month post and all players are allowed to vote and select up to 7 candidates. More campaigning will be underway in the meantime so players get extra time to ask the candidates questions.
    • Requirements for running:
      • Have joined the server at least 1 week ago;
      • Has at least 1 day of play time;
      • An active member of the community, both in-game, discord, and forums.
    If you are caught meddling/rigging an election by using alternate accounts, bribing, threatening, or by any other method you will be temporarily banned from the server, and server discord for 4(or more) weeks, and you will receive a permanent ban on running in any further MP elections.

    NOTE: A parliamentary candidate is required to have at least 20% of voter support in order to be eligible for a seat in parliament.

    Responsibility of Parliament

    To see the powers of Parliament what it's responsible for, click here.