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    Aug 8, 2018
    Title: Exclusive Sales Punishment Edit
    Type: Edit
    Reasoning: Players shouldn't recieve a warning, especially a 2-point one, for something that's Government-related or as small as a chest shop selling something that they shouldn't be selling. This also comes in trouble for new players, as it's unlikely they'll meticulously read each and every law and wind up selling vanilla minecraft items without the proper job without knowing it is illegal.

    Bill: These will be the new punishments:
    1st Offense: k200 fine, removal of, 5 minutes jailtime chestshop
    2nd Offense: k600 fine, removal of chest shop, 15 minutes jailtime
    3rd Offense: k1200 fine, removal of chest shop, 30 minutes jailtime
    4th Offense: k2500 fine, removal of chest shop, 1 hour jailtime

    These punishments are x2, x3, x4 and x2.5 in order to compensate for the removal of the bans and punishments. The fourth offense is x2.5 as making it x5 would make the fine fairly excessive. x2.5 isn't as excessive, and is still significantly greater than the 3rd offense punishment.
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