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    Flame Floor

    What?: It’s not a game on skill, it’s not a game on smarts, it’s a game on how fast you can run, and how high you can jump. What is this? It’s Flame Floor! The objective of the game is to run around the map and be careful to not fall through the floor! The longer you run the more the blocks will disintegrate under you, until eventually you fall. Leap across the floor to try and stay alive. Power ups will fall from the sky so try to stay alert! There will be three rounds, whoever wins the most rounds (or comes the closest) will receive a cash award of 300 krunas.

    When?: February 23, 2019. 2:10PM EST

    Where?: Wilderness 1


    1. No breaking the map. Will be disqualified if caught and will not be allowed to participate in the rest of the rounds.

    2. No punching people until the second round.​
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