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    Mar 24, 2017
    Note: This is a sub forum for the Banking Branch of Flappy Inc. For more information on Flappy Inc., please visit our main page by clicking here.

    Hey there! Want to take out a loan or store your money/valuables? Well this is the best place to do so! Flappy Incorporated now provides loans from 200 to 5000 krunas, and also now has storage units that can hold your valuebles!

    Loans -
    As stated above, we will provide loans from 200 to 5000 krunas. When you purchase a loan, you can request one of two options. You can get a short-term loan that lasts for four weeks (28 days). You may pay back that loan at any time during that time period with a 10% increase. After that period, every week the loan is not paid back, 4% will be added to the payback cost. For the other option, a long-term loan, you will be granted a two month period. During this two month period, you can pay back the loan at any time with a 12% increase, along with an added 5% for every week passed following the 2 month period. If the loan taker goes inactive for 1 month with a loan taken, the money owed will be forced back. In case of there being no money left, a collateral will be negotiated when the loan is taken.

    Storage -
    As the second part of the Banking branch, you may also store some valuables in a highly guarded chest in a secret location with the bank for 4 krunas a month.

    If you wish to take part in any of these options please contact FlappyChickens online or on discord. The banking branch is also currently not hiring. You can also visit the bank at the Covington Financial Center. Have fun loaning!