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Discussion in 'Food and Brewery' started by xanthe 58, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. xanthe 58

    xanthe 58 Citizen

    Jul 3, 2019
    In about a month I will be starting my new company Food, Delivered I will be hiring for the jobs to start out in about a week, Builders, people to make the menu, suppliers and armours (sorry I don’t know how to spell armour-ers). I will also be hiring cooks, people to record orders and deliverers in about two weeks. The way it will work is people order through the chat with their address and order and in batches of five the deliverers, well, deliver them. The pay is negotiable. If any of those jobs interests you send me a list of you’re
    -What job you want
    -How long you’ve played business craft
    -Why you want to work here
    -Past jobs
    -What you want to be payed
    -Other info
  2. Mountain_Rider

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    Oct 13, 2019
    What job you want: I would like cook
    Age: 12
    Country: United States
    How long you’ve played business craft: 2 days
    Why you want to work here: I really like to cook and have been looking for a good job, I know I am new to the server but I feel like this is a great opportunity
    Past jobs: None
    What you want to be payed:15-20
    Other info : although I am very new I have a high work etic and am very responsible. I will try my best to show up for work and try my hardest to keep our customers satisfied. Even if I don't get the job I would like to thank you for this opportunity!
  3. Kookie

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    Nov 2, 2019
    What job you want: I would like to make any food/drink related item
    Country: U.S
    How long you’ve played business craft: 1 and a half week (only registered to website today)
    Why you want to work here: I want to work here to get a running start
    Past jobs: none
    What you want to be payed: as much as you can offer
    Other info: I might not be online very much but I will try working as hard or long as I can!