goodbye, and i'm sorry

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    Mar 4, 2019
    Hello, as some of you may know i am triman123 on the server. So to cut right to the chase, i am going to be taking a break, possible going to be forever. Now i would like to expiate with everyone, this is very important to me, i'm sorry, i did so many things that made me feel horrible on this server. i regret being so rude and malicious when i joined the server, i was so rude to everyone, and I deeply regret that. The people on this server were so nice when i first joined but I wasn't back. You don't need to forgive me for being rude, i just wanted to make sure you know, i deeply regret it, and have changed. To the friends I have made, if they consider me a friend, im sorry for you having to deal with me, through all of my shit, you stuck by me. I dont know who of you consider me a friend but i know i consider William and Supersuperking friends, thank you, so so much.

    Now onto the more game related reasons i quit, the game has become boring and i havent felt like getting on recently. When i first got on the server seemed perfect, the people were super nice, earning money was fun, and i had big dreams. but as i started playing more on the server i found that earning money became a hastle, and those big dreams of starting a big company would never work out, also i knew because of the way I acted, I would never get elected to government, the game became bleak. nowadays the game has become bland and unfun, I, of course, became bored, and stopped logging on, which is where i am today.

    So, now its time for my will
    i would like William to recieve my entire balance, and i will leave Supersuperking with all the alchohal in my inventory, i will keep mostly everything else

    goodbye, i will miss all the good times and, im sorry
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    Mar 23, 2019
    oh sorry to see you go hope you have fun in real life bye :)