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  1. Zzz_King

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    - Title: Government Efficiency Bill Edit
    - Type: Edit
    - Reasoning: The Government Efficiency Bill doesn’t state anything about government reports that the Minister has to reply to. Government Efficiency should apply to everything that a Minister has to reply to. This is mostly to prevent Landscapers and EM's from waiting too long to get paid for Wild Reports, but in case anything new gets added that a minister must reply to regularly, this bill will automatically apply.
    - Bill: Any government application or report that a Minister must reply to has to be answered within 1 month. The Whole Government Efficiency bill will now look like this:
    Any Government Application or report that a Minister regularly replies to must be answered within 30 days.

    Judges have 10 days to open a case, and after all the evidence is collected they will have 3 days to announce a verdict.

    Judges will have 2 days to respond to any comments made by players. If judges need more time they will be required to declare it within the case thread.

    A Minister or Judge Violating any of these will result in these punishments:
    First Offense: 1st Warning Point
    Second Offense: 2nd Warning Point
    Third Offense: 3rd Warning Point + VONC