Bill: Accepted Government Employee Feedback

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  1. Zzz_King

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    - Title: Government Employee Feedback
    - Type: Creation
    - Reasoning: In order for the parliament to have a better grasp of what’s going on in all the Ministers Departments it would make sense for someone who is in the actual department to tell them what it is like. This will help Parliament understand better about the way Ministers go about things, treat their employees, and many other aspects. This will also help parliament when approving ministers.
    - Bill: Parliament will choose 1 or more members from each department to write a report near the end every term. It will be on the 15th on the last month of the term. The report will answer questions along these lines:
    How do you think your Minister did this term?
    How do you think they can improve?
    How does it feel to be in your respective Department?
    How does your Minister treat the Department?
    What do you think of your Minister in general?
    The employee will be required to do this report if chosen unless a good reason comes up for them not to do it. If that happens, another employee will be chosen if there isn’t already another one.
    This information will be stored with Parliament for further discussion.
    It will also be given to the Minister of the respective Department.