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  1. Zzz_King

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    - Title: Government Jobs Edit
    - Type: Edit
    - Reasoning: With DoC Intern will becoming a yellow job it shouldn't be counted towards the two Department Jobs people can have. It isn't as much responsibility as an average Department Job.
    - Bill: DoC Intern will be defined as a Government Job and not included with your two Department Jobs.
    The list will now look like this:
    Sr Department Jobs - STG, SCC, SES, SR, SEM, SC, and SGT.
    Department Jobs - CC, ES, EM, R, C, HS, CA, and PO.
    Government Jobs - Tour Guides, Doctors, Landscapers, DoC Intern, and Property Inspectors.
  2. Jeeeeef

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    Name: Jeeeeef
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